1st Base Plant Sales are pleased to now offer the full range of brand new Ammann Vibrating Rollers for sale. High quality and reliable machines with 12 months warranty that comes as standard. The Ammann range covers small pedestrian walk behind rollers to larger heavy Tandem Road rollers. Below are the current models that are for sale and for further information and prices call our Sales team on 01942 821 847.


Light Tandem Rollers (1 – 4.5t)

Our compact ARX tandem vibratory rollers are tailor-made for assignments on smaller and medium-sized sites in the road building, garden construction and landscaping sectors.
Whether for laying work on blacktop or for compacting un-bonded layers, the ARX rollers offer proven compaction efficiency and effectiveness.

Benefits at a glance

  • Easy engine access
  • Teflon articulated joint with lifetime lubrication
  • Multiple water filtration
  • Foldable ROPS for easy transport
  • UPS: Electric drive lever for smooth start/stop

Technical Specs

Heavy Tandem Rollers (9-11 t)

The new generation of Ammann ARX 90 and ARX 110 articulated tandem rollers brings to the market a novel design for asphalt compactors.
With spacious cabs, innovative layout of operator stations and the latest diesel engines, they mark a new high in their class.

The dimensions of these machines suit midsize and large road projects. The compaction abilities of the machines enable them to compact a wide range of materials and thicknesses of paved layer.

A wide range of options for asphalt application such as Edge cutters, Chip spreaders, Temperature meters and many more, allows for the set up of exact configurations, according to the customer´s requirements.

Technical Specs


Single Drum Soil Compactors

The extraordinary safety, excellent compaction performance and modern design guarantee high efficiency and best results under even the toughest working conditions. High compaction quality and minimal number of passes provide the best economic benefit to the owner.

  • Hydrostatic all wheel driver concept aides low centre of gravity
  • Preset operating speed guarantees optimum intervals for effective compaction
  • Double bearing articulated and oscillating joint
  • Optimally balanced front frame and drum for consistent compaction

Technical Specs


Rigid Tandem

The new ARP 95 tandem roller is a step into a new level of comfort, pleasure and safety for compaction machines. Excellent visibility from the machine thanks to the absence of a solid dashboard, a 360 degree rotatable working station, and an ”off contour” sliding work station provides the best all around survey.


  • Spacious cab with two doors
  • Rotating and slide able operator station
  • Highest maneuverability
  • FTS system with a small steering wheel on arm rest
  • All controllers are located on arm rests
  • Split drums for smooth asphalt compaction
  • Optimum view of drum surface and edges
  • Easy serviceability thanks to tiltable cab

The ARP 35 Roller is a tandem vibratory-type roller with rigid frame and two smooth steel drums.
Both drums are hydrostatic driven and vibrating. The concept of the frame allows compacting close to walls and elevated curbs on both sides of the machine. Convenient for work within constrained areas due to its compact dimensions and small turning radius. Operator’s position provides perfect control of both edges of the drums.

Pneumatic Tyre Rollers

The new generation of Ammann pneumatic tyred rollers has been developed on the basis of the latest findings about the compaction of bituminous asphalt layers and natural soils. The modern roller design provides 1 x 1 m visibility in front of the roller and behind it.

A wide range of additional weights can be implemented to optimise the ballasting of the 4 + 4 smooth tyres. A central tyre inflation system ensures correct tyre pressure during operation.

Technical Specs


Walk Behind Rollers

Unique, versatile and economical, the ARW 65 walk-behind vibratory roller is suitable for both soil compaction and asphalt application.

Two performance levels are available by simply adjusting the amplitude. The machine is powered by a high-capacity Hatz engine.

  • Air-cooled diesel engine: powerful with low-emissions
  • Robust protective frame with central lifting point
  • Large, corrosion-free water tank (60 l) / water sprinkling for working on bituminous layers
  • Operator-friendly, low vibration handle, foldable for easy transport, with dead man’s handle button
  • Hydrostatic drive lever and integrated switch to change centrifugal force
  • Integrated hydraulic parking brake
  • Hydrostatically adjustable eccentric weights allow compaction work on asphalt and on soil/gravel
  • Two hydraulic pumps to support drive and vibration (fast-wearing V-belt systems eliminated)
  • Hydrostatic vibratory shaft drive
  • Two scraper bars for each drum for automatic drum cleaning

Trench Rollers

Rammax were the inventors of the trench roller product and as such are able to look back on more than 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of this type of equipment.

During this time many new benchmarks were set to improve working with this type of machine in the most economical and ecological way.
Today Rammax is the first producer to offer both articulated as well as the traditional “skid steered” machines.


  • No hand arm vibration during operation when using the remote control system
  •  Safe operation from a distance and visual contact is ensured at all times (infra-red remote control)
  • Centralised lifting hook (RW 1585)
  • Even distribution of compaction forces
  • Straight line compaction technology (SCT)
  • Modern, clearly arranged control panel (includes fault finding diagnostics)

Technical Specs